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Author Topic: Accident of the rigged schooner gun boat "JOHORE"  (Read 1123 times)

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Accident of the rigged schooner gun boat "JOHORE"
« on: February 20, 2015, 12:01:34 PM »

The 150 tons berthen rigged schooner, a paddle wheeled steamer named "Johore" owned by Almarhum Temenggong Tun Ibrahim Seri Maharaja of Johor was the closest to a gunboat of that era, Johore ever had. The steamer was armed with a ram and a Blakeley gun and was the pride of the Johore Sultanate. The Gunner manning the gun was John Young.

The steamer had visited Singapore with two of the Temenggong's brothers on board to pay compliments to the English Governor who had been invited with a party of European residents for a pleasure trip round the island.

The steamer had been lying on the right of the small islet called Pulau Hantu with another small island to the left with a 200 yards wide passage of water in between; to the left of the second island was Pulau Belakang Mati. The Johore had been in Singapore harbour for some days when the disaster took place.

The cause it seemed was that the engineer of the steamer Johore, a Mr Miller had found difficulty starting the steam engines and had sent for one Mr Bain to come and see what was amiss. While the two gentlemen were looking after the engine, the native fireman continued feeding the fires without ensuring to keep up the quantity of water in the boilers which resulted in the boiler tubes becoming red hot. When cold water was pumped in, the boiler burst which resulted in the vessel being blown to pieces.

The number of persons killed was about thirty. Five were Europeans, two Chinese and the rest Malays. On board was also Captain Cleghorn and Mr Bain in service of the Singapore Dock Company. Mr Henry Sanders, boiler maker and Mr John Young who was the Gunner of the Johore. Two Europeans and a few natives was also badly scalded. Another boiler maker Henry Sandhurst was also on board with Mr Bain.

Hussein Bin Abdullah the eldest son of Abdullah Munshi and one of the Temenggong's brother Haroo [most probably "Haron"] was killed. Also killed was Encik Mohamed Yahya Bin Abdullah the Temenggong's Cashier and Mat the Malay servant of *Captain Abu Talip. Their bodies was never found.

Hussein Bin Abdullah Munshi's brother Ibrahim had a miraculous escape from this trajedy. Ibrahim Bin Abdullah Munshi was also suppose to be onboaed the tragic ship. He was the schoolmaster of the Telok Belanga Malay School and on his way to the wharf he stopped to look at some boys playing marble and one of them Abdul Rahman Bin Andak was crying. This delayed Inchi Ibrahim who then heard the explosion  while he was standing talking to the boys.

Another brother *Tunku Abdul Rahman had a narrow escape as he was thrown overboard by the explosion. Also on board and thrown into the sea by the explosion was Inchi Jaafer Bin Hadjee Mohamed the present Dato Menteri or the Prime Minister of Johore. He received severe wounds on his face and neck which covered him with blood. The larger scar on his face was caused by this accident.

Inchi Abu Talip the Captain was very badly hurt but recovered from his wounds. Inchi Abdul Samat now Dato Barat was on board and was unhurt.

The vessel was anchored about 100 yards from the shore and as soon as the report
[explosion] was heard, boats and sampan hurried off to the vessel. Captain Wishart was the first there and he picked up Inche Wan Abdul Rahman and a Malay in the water.

Wan Abdul Rahman was one of the few who escaped. He was standing on deck when he heard [to use his own word] "a hissing sound for a few seconds and then a crash" which threw him down. He received a blow from something he could not tell what, because. [a curious expression] everything became dark. No doubt he was stunned and thrown overboard, though he thought he jumped in the sea.


ILN 10th June 1865.

Notes on a number of persons referred to in this report:

1.  Inchi Jaffer Bin Hadjee Mohamed is Dato Jaafar Bin Haji Mohamed, Dato Bentara and later appointed the first Menteri Besar Johor.

2.  Inchi Abdul Samat is Dato Penggawa Barat Abdul Samad Bin Ibrahim [Pandak] the 7th  child of Tok Abdul Jabbar Bin Tok Othman, who is also Dato Jaafar Bin Haji Mohamed's uncle. The road in Johor Baru, Jalan Abdul Samad was named after him.

3. Inchi Ibrahim Bin Munshi Abdullah later was bestowed the title 'Dato Dalam' by Almarhum Sultan Abu Bakar. The road Jalan Dato Dalam in Johor Baru was named after him.

4.  The 5 year old boy who was crying Abdul Rahman Bin Andak grew up to become Dato Amar Seri DiRaja. The road Jalan Abdul Rahman Andak in Johor Baru was named after him. He was retired in 1907 and was given an option to live in London with a pension of 1000 per annum. By this time he was already married to an English widow by the name of Gustel Auguste Reis and already had three children by their marriage. After their marriage Gustel took the name of Auguste Rahman and was his life partner till her death in 1932. Abdul Rahman died a year later in 1933.

Inchi Abu Talib was Laksmana of the Johore navy.
Tunku Abdul Rahman referred to was the son of Tunku Hamid

(Gambar di sumbang oleh Azlin Mahmud & Mahmud  Alwee)

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