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Author Topic: READ THE RULES  (Read 834 times)

Offline abubakar (OP)

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« on: February 09, 2015, 11:20:59 PM »

This forum was set up privately to enable descendants of Tok Abdul Jabbar Bin Tok Othman and his sibling Toh Embong Binti Tok Othman
to come together to discuss on Salasilah Tok Abdul Jabbar 2015 and their ancestry.

The Salasilah contain 7000 names +- and is still incomplete. It requires more imput from family members as the currently living descendents are not included as we do not have any information on them and their families.

You can contribute old photographs which can be uploaded using "Attachments and other options".
You can use this forum as you use Facebook.

I sincerely hope that all of you can make this forum a success.

The Moderator of this forum is Abu Bakar Ahmad a 6th generation descendant of Tok Muhammad Tahir bin Tok Abdul Jabbar the author of the extended Salasilah till 2015.

To ask your questions use the "Quick Reply" or the "REPLY" button.

To make a proposal use the "New Topic" button.

Enjoy your visit.
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